Colgate / Max White Ultra

Social Campaign

For the launch of Colgate’s freshly minted formula: The Max White Ultra Toothpaste, we captured how caring for our chompers can support self-confidence. This six-part series with long-lasting freshness spoke to influencers about their

Top Tips on Confidence and Life’s Special Moments.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Paul Brunson as he blinded us with his pearly whites, Riley Isaacs who showed us how to embrace our individuality and Rochelle Humes who believes a bright, white smile is the ultimate accessory.

With many moving parts and a PR time-crunch; it was all hands-on-deck. With our shortlist of influencers with killer smiles, we sourced locations that looked like their homes, coordinated logistics, 3 day shoot, edit, sound design, photography…the works!


The result? Brighter teeth in 3 days thanks to a clinically proven formula and 32 content versions optimised for Instagram, TikTok, and other social platforms to launch an influencer campaign that shines bright on how our daily rituals can help us #BeUltraConfident.