The gallery event for Braun was meant to be traditional (read: boring). Guests drifting around the room, little canapé filled trays floating past and lucrative conversations taking over shadowy gallery corners. You know the drill. And then 2020 happened. Braun needed a team of cleverly unconventional creatives to step in and wrestle the show’s success out of the vice-like grip of COVID-19. Enter Ecstasy of Gold. 

Over two weeks, we pulled together a virtual event to capture the anticipation, excitement and irresistible energy a gallery show should ooze with, but with the in-person schmoozing removed. It’s unique, unforgettable, and as much of an experience as the physical gallery launch would have been, with the added bonus of having a pyjama-friendly dress code. 

The exhibition became twelve fast-paced interviews that champion the product but keep Rankin’s energy front and centre. The films focus on dynamic behind the scenes footage, blended with sexy product action shots and clips of Rankin’s incredible work. A high-energy beat cements the vibe and draws the exhibition together into a cohesive experience. The eclectic electricity of everyone involved made the final product undeniably rich, inclusive, and nothing less than extraordinary.