Swancierge at Wimbledon / Sipsmith

Allow us to set the scene: Sipsmith is launching its (soon to be award-winning) Swancierge Phone Box service… Gin lovers will be invited to enter the phone box to engage in an exhilarating call with Mr Swan.

Sounds great, right. Heres the challenging part, we needed to promote the experience at Wimbledon… An experience that is set up 48 hour before a ball is served

Crazy? Maybe… Possible? Yes.

The Sipsmith’s campaign was shot just before Wimbledon opened its doors to tennis players and spectators alike, with a two days shoot squeezed amongst Wimbledon’s event production; the ball was in our court to make things happen in tight parameters….. We then delivered final edits 72 hours after the crew took to centre court.

It's the little things that make a big difference at The Championships, brought to you by Sipsmith.

Capturing the experience before opening day challenged the team to get creative with the art and set direction… they had to think outside the box to ensure the atmosphere came across vibrant and buzzing with court-side spectators all the while keeping Sipsmith Gin’s concierge service in the spotlight.

Post production began while we were still on set to meet a deadline tighter than that match between Isner and Mahut in 2010. Taking advantage of using sound and visual effects, we made it all come alive and delivered a campaign that’s versatile across social channels and quintessentially refreshing to those enjoying the legendary tournament.