You can sum up a good ad in a single line. For CAT, this line became a war cry – resonating with every customer in every country, timezone, industry, age bracket and environment.


These phones have been To Hell and Back before they ever touch your hand. We parked fancy post-production visuals, choosing to keep the picture simple as we tried our hardest to kill these phones. A task we successfully failed.

The complex characters we built over just a few seconds of screen time came into their own just in time for the heartstring-tugging Christmas 2020 commercial. This wasn’t just your standard festive advert, though, it was also a way for CAT to give some much-deserved praise to the pandemic’s frontline workers. People who pushed themselves to the limit every day to provide the help, support and key services the world needed. The people making the Tough Choices necessary to get us all through this ordeal. The creative shift from selling products to selling customer narratives was a tricky, but hugely rewarding, part of the CAT journey, and we’re proud of doing it justice.