Honed across more than 50 films, our Erbauer style blends sharply metallic industrial vibes with flawlessly executed animation to not just sell tools, but to sell the person Erbauer customers could be. It’s dynamic, innovative and downright brilliant. In fact, it’s so good it bagged an award for Best Post Production at the Brand Film Festival.


Live-action shots rub shoulders with complex 3D animations to take you on a deep dive into the action. The animation adds a completely unique cinematic insight to the ads – a visual journey through the tools that, put simply, sells. We complimented carefully curated shots with a sultry colour palette so dark it feels intimate – jazzed up with flashes of industrial sparks and splashes of bright, euphoric lighting. Slick slow-mo adds to the theatrical vibe, working with the shadowy industrial spaces to paint a product picture that customers can’t help but covet. 

Seven films showcase various power tools, designed for demanding applications by Erbauer. Each film had a core theme: Brand film, Cool Tech, Battery Range, Drill, Cord V Cordless, Brushless range and more. Aboritia delignam, quos velit, amendunda quatemo luptam sanis aliquib eriost atquodis mod quae re laut lant, omnihitatqui re plis simus eumeniscil expe nis nobitaerum sinctur?