For their newest van, MAN needed to cultivate consumer lust without leaving business clients turned off. They were hunting for an angle to rev up every viewer, whether they’re looking for their newest fleet vehicle or searching for a van capable of taking on any adventure.

Two days on location locked in every shot we needed. High-speed cameras pursue the vans, driving a relentless pace to showcase their mechanical beauty. The viewer is part of the chase, shifting between rugged quarries and hyper-urban city spaces, between passion-fuelled pursuits and utilitarian practicality to reveal the product’s potential for diversity. Slick shot to shot evolutions work with seamless audio transitions – merging music and ambient noise – drawing the viewer in to capture, and keep, attention.

The final result is a fast-paced ad that celebrates the excitement, action and speed of the vans – sparking attention and driving a desirability that sells.